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What we do?

We’re On A Mission To Empower Egypt; one child at a time!

Heya Masr aims to increase the voice and agency of adolescent girls and boys (6-18) living in disadvantaged communities. Heya Masr’s flagship self-development program helps correct misconceptions, strengthen self-image, and boost self-esteem and confidence. In Addition, Heya Masr provides training programs for parents, teachers, and employees to create a safer and healthier environment for the young generation of Egypt. 

Heya Masr works to undo the harm done to children by developing their character by delivering tools and skills-based programs that enable them to protect themselves from physical and psychological harm to restore their dignity, self-worth and end generation recycle of trauma and abuse.

In addition, our parenting program stems from our belief that if the parents are educated on the significance of gender equality, nutrition, early child marriage, bullying & sexual harassment’s danger, parents are empowered to invest in educating their children, positively impacting their future for generations to come.  We pride ourselves on the comprehensiveness of our programs; it is impactful and measured through years on continuous improvement. Participants see improvement in the areas of knowledge, attitude, practices, and behavior.

Our Expertise and Services

Centers where you find us

Heya Masr Values

Our Vision

Our  For young Egyptian women to realize and embrace their full potential as strong, confident and independent agents of change in their families and communities

Our training impacts everyone within society. We are investing in our children and their parents. Our program is not restricted to a particular geographical area or learning center. Still, we seek to provide young women and their communities with access to a safe venue to support their self-development and growth journey.

Heya Masr (She is Egypt) forges partnerships with NGOs, centers, and educational institutions and coordinates an educational program’s timely delivery with common objectives. With the help of these partners, we can target a larger population of the young generation. We believe that this wider reach will positively impact Egypt’s future.

Heya Masr Class

Our Mission

Fostering mental, emotional, and physical resilience in the young Egyptian children to enable them to grow more confident and stronger individuals and citizens through a journey of educational and entertaining development, targeting girls, boys, and parent

In order to fight to end violence against children and women in Egypt and break the cycle of traumas and abuse, and aim for a better future for themselves, and their societies. By parallelly and equally educating girls and boys, parents, and educators to raise a generation that practices equality and leads the way to a non-violent, socially just, healthy, and diverse society.

Heya Masr targets young girls and boys aged 6-18 to strengthen their character. We do this by providing a safe and nurturing environment for physical activities, nutritional and healthy lifestyle education, character development activities, and sexual harassment and bullying awareness and self-defense strategies. We believe that to make an impact; we need to educate both young women and men equally.




Heya Masr is committed to purse and delivers on the UN-SDGs that match and serve our mission. Our purse to fight and end children and women violence in Egypt to create a safer environment is a key to the prosperity of the society of Egypt.

We build and deliver our education approach based on research-driven UNICEF techniques that advocate changing behavior through character-building using soft skills.

Programs and Services

Love. Educate. Empower
Currently, Heya Masr targets girls, boys, parents, caregivers, teachers, and the whole community to create an integrated impact on society through the services we provide.

Our children program targets girls, boys (ages 6-18), and parents throughout Egypt. by building their self-confidence and developing and strengthening their characters by providing a nurturing, safe environment for physical activity, a nutritional and healthy lifestyle program, character development activities, and sexual harassment bullying awareness and self-defense training.

Our program is one of its kind as it is the only long-term program in Egypt with a 3-6 months duration. Yet, the program is customizable with a focus on each participant. It leaves a permanent impact due to its heavy emphasis on activities as a root cause solution for our participants’ multiple challenges and difficulties. The program has proven its effectiveness for the past seven years and is trackable through the M&E system.

Volunteer with us

Make a difference, change a life.
Our team is a collection of committed and resourceful individuals, filled with many young and passionate members. Each member plays a key role in making the mission a success. Each individual brings their unique background and experience to the table and helps shape Heya Masr’s vision. Our members have experience in leadership, marketing, teaching, child psychology, social services, and much more.

 As we are expanding, we are looking for people who want to make a difference in Egyptian society and are dedicated to improving the lives of young generation.  Every day in our classes, girls and boys are learning to seek more about themselves and hope for more in life. If you are committed, motivated, come join our team. Make a difference, change a life.

Girls enjoying in heya masr

How you can help?

Make a difference, change a life.

Your $95 provides education for a girl or a boy for three months.

Your donation will help us end generation recycle of trauma and abuse. Our belief is if parents are educated on the significance of gender equality, nutrition, early child marriage, bullying & sexual harassment danger, they will be empowered to invest in educating their children, impacting their future positively for generations to come. We believe impacting women during adolescence to become stronger, more stable, confident, and independent will impact Egypt’s future generations. Your donations goes 100% toward our educational programs.

Watch Our Latest Activities

Our program is activity-based and customizable depending on the location and the participants. Delivering tools and skills enable young women to protect themselves from physical and psychological harm to restore their dignity, self-worth, and end-generation recycling of trauma and abuse.

Programs delivered weekly for 3-6 months, with 24 sessions in total and more than 56 hours of training. Students are grouped by age into three levels; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Parents are grouped based on topics. Self-defense classes are provided to all ages 6- 30 years old. 

  • Sexual Harassment and Bullying Programs.
  • Caretaker Training and  Rehabilitation.
  • Orphanage merges into society  Programs.
Boys in the class
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More about our Program

We pride ourselves on the comprehensiveness and sustainable impact of our program. To explain further these two key points.

Comprehensiveness: It is a holistic approach that tackles all elements of the psyche and physic of the children as comprehensive: because it starts with character building before tackling the other levels of more complex issues.

Sustainable Impact: The program helps our children develop new habits due to its consistency and long-term aspect. As we know, once a habit – good/bad – is built, it is difficult to break; that’s what we focus on. Over time, we are working equally to break down existing ‘bad’ habits and replace them with good, positive, strong habits.

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