Children Program – Hayati

  • Develops the children’s emotional and mental resilience that promote discussions and critical thinking.
  • Effective communication and role modeling.
  • Goal setting and the importance of each step.
  • Setting healthy boundaries and developing healthy habits.
  • Understand character traits and values.
  • Self-discovery, awareness, and affirmation.
  • How do you deal with peer pressure?
  • Building self-esteem through boosting self-image.
  • Living Authincaly, Decision making and Risk Management.
  • Developing healthy and trustworthy friendships.
two girls showing off their creativity by drawing and coloring a picture of a woman
  • Customizable 10-20 hours program
  • Measurement and Evaluations track the program’s impacts and
  • What makes me different as a boy and a girl? 
  • Differentiate between complementing, flirting, and harassment. Harassment-and who is to blame?
  • How to effectively stand up against it?
  • How to deal with my emotions if I am bullied or harassed?
  • What is bullying, and how do I feel about it?
  • Ways to respond to off and online bullying. Internet safety cyberbullying and harassment awareness.
  • Designed to fit children and teens ages 6-18 years
  • Measure the improvements in knowledge, attitude, and behavior of all beneficiaries.
  • Improving their self-esteem and confidence. All while working to improve their emotional intelligence
  • Develop healthy habits, and comprehend the importance of decision-making. 
  • Developing self-worth helps stand against bullying and harassment, both off and online. 
  • Discovering themselves to become more resilient individuals and citizens.

Children's Character Development
I am a Leader Program!

Improve children’s Health and Nutrition Habits
I am Healthy Program!

Children’s sexual harassment & bullying
I am Strong Program!


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