What is your child Personal Space?

Do you know what your child’s personal space is? 

In Egypt, Parents nor Schools teach our kids the importance of personal space.  We don’t teach boundaries.  You will see parents telling their kids, kiss their uncle and hug them. Go, kiss auntie. But no one asks their children if they want and if they are comfortable doing so.

Always notice your child’s behavior around people, including relatives. never force a child to sit on someone’s lap if they refuse to, and always ask for permission first. Your child needs to learn that they can say NO, and that starts at home. Lastly, know that every child is different and has different boundaries, and if one child does something, that doesn’t mean that your child is okay with it.

In Heya Masr, we teach the girls how to communicate their boundaries and personal space. We tell them that if you don’t speak and tell others about what is comfortable for you, no one would know, and everyone will cross your boundaries for the lack of knowledge.  Always communicate effectively on what are your personal boundaries are and consistently repeat so.