Fatma wants to be a therapist to help others

When I grow up, I want to be a therapist to help other girls.

Fatma in the schoolFatma is 13 years old beautiful girl. She is a part of a community that called Establ Anter. 1.2 mil underprivileged people who built their homes in the middle of the poorest areas in Cairo Egypt. There is no school in the area, and the center is the only place where they get basic education.

However, Fatma is amazingly talented as she hold her colors and papers and start to draw.  She always carries a big smile that tells of joy on the inside.  Fatma always speaks up and participate in class. We encouraged her to always express herself and gain the confidence to always share everything she likes or dislikes.

We believe that our program left a last impact on Fatma, as we could see the changes in her personality class after class; getting more confident and stronger.

Fatma, expressed her dreams to travel to India to learn more about their culture. But, more importantly she wants to continue her education and plays an important role in the society as a therapist to help other girls with their needs.

We are motivating Fatma to always dream big, aim high and never gives up. We are supporting her during classes and engaging her in taking a leadership role in class.  Fatma will be part of the second level of our Heya Masr program.

You can help

Your $95 provides education for a girl or a boy for three months.

Your donation will help us end generation recycle of trauma and abuse.

Our belief is if mothers are educated on the significance of gender equality, nutrition, early child marriage, bullying & sexual harassment danger, they will be empowered to invest in educating their children, impacting their future positively for generations to come. We believe impacting women during adolescence to become stronger, more stable, confident, and independent will impact Egypt’s future generations.

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