Injy, from weakness to strength.

Injy with her Heya Masr teacherInjy is 14 years old. On the first day, we discovered that is lacking the courage to participate with the rest of her classmates, but we also saw that she has multiple of dreams and goals for her life, however, she couldn’t express herself.

We started slowly explain to her the purpose of each activity we do in class. For example, we draw a cat on paper, then asked what is nice things she likes about a cat, and she expressed cats has soft hair and nice.  As a result, she learned to discover the positive things about others including her classmates.

During the second class, we talked about challenges can face anyone of us. She was able to understand and spoke with a family situation that takes place in her home. Her brothers who tend to control her in everything; they way she dresses, speaks, friends to keep or not.  This resulted in many fights in her family especially when she developed so much anger within and couldn’t do anything but yelling back which in return resulted in more fights.

As a result of participating in class, she learned the effective ways of communications and was able to control herself and the situations with her brother and father.

Injy didn’t comprehend the words self-understanding. She didn’t have an understanding of  what is a role model. We could see in Andy  she wants to have more freedom, but could express it.  But she choose a picture of the sea and a boat and said this is what she is all about.  The Character Development classes end but Injy expressing that she can’t handle critical opinions of her, but she wants to learn how to deal with such situations.

In the 2nd level, Injy was able to express herself and told us that she want to be a doctor to take care of kids. She also got ride of her shyness and was able to handle all the difficult situations.  She enrolled in more kids camps to help her to be open with others.

We were encouraged to see Injy’s presentence during classes, she allowed us to help her, and continues to ask us for help. she is more open and confident.  She is on her way to success.

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