Children, Educators, Parents & Community – Hayah

Children and Our Community- Hayah. The Hayah program provides a transformative vision to reimagine education for better life outcomes for children and young people. The program aims to bring together children, parents, and educators to work together to create a healthy society and a safer environment and community. Skill-building in life skills, defined as higher-order, transversal, and transferable abilities, helps individuals develop knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors to deal with everyday life challenges. Through the Hayah program, children, young people, educators, and caretakers can enhance their skill-building, empowering them to become confident, successful individuals and benefit themselves and their communities at work, school, or home.

The program details and benefits are as follows:

Develop productive and responsible individuals who have a sense of belonging and want to contribute to society.

Diversity and inclusion: a project to help youth explore the many forms diversity takes in daily life.

Environmental stewardship: a global approach to maintaining ecological health as an intervention to tackle the climate change problem.

UN SDGs Goals: Discover my passion and contribution towards the globe.

Food Safety and Gardening: Ways to ensure food safety and the cultivation, preservation, care for plant earth, and conserve water.

Kick Start Your Small Business: All great entrepreneurs start young, gain experience, and set their path forward as teenagers.


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