Class Graduation

A team with a mission to change the future of Egypt.

Heya Masr Class Graduation
We are super happy and excited to bring another class to a completion.  Our team leads the girls in 14 weeks of training that is focused on character building and emotional intelligence education with the application of strong good minds and decision making when it comes to nutritional healthy habits and sexual harassment awareness combined with self-defense basic training to boost self-confidence and self-esteem.
We believe these are the key points to build a well-rounded personality that challenges the present circumstances and builds a better future for girls and for Egypt.
The class was made of girls in an underprivileged area in Giza ages 9-12 years old in the center of Educate Me.  Big Thank you goes to Oliva Eid, Iman Mohammad and Suzan Kasby, Amany Abd Elaal for leading the girls throughout each class.
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