Heya Masr’s Theory of Change

A team with a mission to change the future of Egypt. 

In Heya Masr: We believe in giving in a basic human need.
Giving brings joy to the soul. See our team in class as they express love and giving.

Theory of change: When children are equipped with tools and skills that enable them protection from different types of violence, their confidence strengthens, characters develop, and they can grow into strong, responsible members of society. Additionally, children will understand the importance of education, healthy lifestyles, communication, situational awareness, and much more. This character building is necessary for children to actualize their self-worth, potentially ending generations of trauma and abuse that leads to poverty and inequality.  Not only is it essential to empower and educate the youth, but Heya Masr’s belief is also that if the mothers are educated on the significance of gender equality, nutrition, dangers of early child marriage, bullying & sexual harassment’s danger, they will be empowered to invest in educating their children, impacting their future positively for generations to come. That is why the curriculum was amended to include talks, workshops, classes, and therapy for parents. 

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