Empowering Girls for a Stronger Egypt

In this blog post, we explore the remarkable initiative of Heya Masr, founded and directed by Mr. Moody Demetry. Learn how Heya Masr empowers young girls, fostering strength, confidence, and resilience to overcome challenges. We delve into their curriculum, target audience, impact, and future plans.

Choosing “Heya Masr”: Mission and Vision

Heya Masr’s name was thoughtfully chosen, aligning with the initiative’s mission and vision. It aims to invest in young girls, empowering them to become confident individuals who can tackle any obstacles they encounter.

Focusing on Girls: Early Intervention Matters

Heya Masr initially focuses on girls aged 9-18, recognizing their influence within families and communities. UN research shows that character development occurs in early years, making it an ideal time to shape their identities. While Heya Masr plans to include boys in the future, their core mission remains unchanged: empowering girls and emphasizing women’s role in society.

empowering girls in egypt

Building Strong Characters: Education for Empowerment

Heya Masr’s curriculum focuses on nurturing essential qualities in girls’ characters. Relying on UN studies, the initiative equips girls with mechanisms to empower themselves against adversity and abuse. This proactive approach promotes emotional intelligence, self-confidence, and independence, reducing abuse and school dropouts.

Addressing Key Issues: Beyond Character Development

Heya Masr’s initiative encompasses three main axes: nutrition, lifestyle, and sexual harassment awareness and self-defense. While sexual harassment is vital, Heya Masr aims to build strong characters overall. It teaches respect, effective communication, and problem-solving, empowering girls to face multiple challenges.

Reaching Girls: Expansion and Outreach

Operating in Cairo and Giza, Heya Masr aims to expand its reach nationwide. Partnering with existing nonprofits, it conducts classes in their centers and communities. Heya Masr’s mobile program brings lasting impact to girls’ lives, aspiring to be present in every city and school. Find them through their website, email, or Facebook page.

Inclusivity: Targeting Underprivileged Girls

Heya Masr primarily focuses on underprivileged girls from lower-class backgrounds. Recognizing their need for confidence and awareness, Heya Masr uplifts these girls, providing essential life skills.

Follow-up and Mentorship: Ensuring Support Continues

Heya Masr’s comprehensive follow-up system tracks girls’ behavior and habit changes throughout the nine-month program. They plan to establish a community-based mentorship program, pairing girls with educated and professional women mentors as role models.

Collaborations and Support: Key Partnerships

Heya Masr collaborates with organizations like Educate_Me, Nebny, Tawasol, and the Ministry of Youth and Sports. These partnerships enhance the initiative’s reach and impact, creating a stronger support system for girls.


Heya Masr’s initiative is transforming the lives of young Egyptian girls, empowering them to become confident, resilient individuals. By focusing on character development, self-defense, and awareness, Heya Masr paves the way for a stronger and more equal Egypt. Through partnerships, expansion, and mentorship programs, Heya Masr aims to create a lasting impact on the lives of girls across the country.


Sandra Narouz and Moody Demetry

Sandra Narouz and Moody Demetry


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