Empowering Girls with Self-Defense: Amani Abdul-Aal’s Impact

In the pursuit of empowering Egyptian girls, Heya Masr has been fortunate to collaborate with Amani Abdul-Aal, a psychologist and certified WenDo self-defense trainer at the Institute of Higher Studies for Children. Amani’s vision for Egypt is to equip girls with the psychological strength to combat sexual harassment and bullying, fostering self-trust and recognizing their royal potential. This blog post highlights Amani’s unwavering commitment and the profound impact she has had on Heya Masr’s participants.

Bringing Dreams to Reality: Amani’s Vision for Egyptian Girls

Amani Abdul-Aal envisions a future where every Egyptian girl possesses the psychological strength to confront and overcome the challenges of sexual harassment and bullying. Her dream encompasses instilling self-trust, belief in their abilities, and recognizing the limitless potential within each girl. Amani firmly believes that every girl deserves to feel royal and empowered from a young age.

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Certified WenDo Trainer: Empowering Girls through Self-Defense

As a certified WenDo self-defense trainer, Amani sees Heya Masr as the perfect avenue to translate her dream into reality. For the past two years, she has dedicated her expertise and passion to train over 200 girls associated with Heya Masr. Through her self-defense sessions, Amani equips girls with essential skills and knowledge to protect themselves physically and mentally.

A Lasting Impact: Gratitude for Amani’s Support

Amani’s dedication and continuous support have made a remarkable impact on Heya Masr and its participants. Her commitment shines through in every class, as she empowers girls to embrace their strength, develop self-confidence, and stand up against harassment. Heya Masr expresses profound gratitude for Amani’s unwavering service, as her training sessions continue to create a positive ripple effect on the lives of these girls.


In conclusion, Amani Abdul-Aal’s collaboration with Heya Masr as a certified WenDo self-defense trainer has brought her dream of empowering Egyptian girls to life. Through her expertise and unwavering support, she has empowered over 200 girls, providing them with essential self-defense skills and fostering a sense of self-trust. Heya Masr is immensely grateful for Amani’s continued commitment and the profound impact she has made on each participant. Together, we strive to create a society where girls can stand tall, trust in their abilities, and realize their royal potential.


Sandra Narouz and Moody Demetry

Sandra Narouz and Moody Demetry


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