Gender Equality: Empowering Boys for Education

At Heya Masr, we are thrilled to announce a significant move towards gender equality by expanding our program to include boys and young men. Recognizing the importance of creating a supportive environment for girls, we believe empowering the younger generation of boys and men is a key component for a successful society. In this blog post, we explore our activities-based program designed to foster character development and understanding of gender roles.

Recognizing the Challenges: Boys in Egyptian Society

Just like girls, young boys in Egyptian society face difficult and hostile circumstances. Building on the tremendous success of our program with girls over the past three years, we have developed a specialized program for young boys. Our primary focus lies in character development, specifically emphasizing their role and the role of women in society.

gender equality class with boys at heya masr

A Journey Begins: Boys-Only Classes

In partnership with Tawasol, in the heart of Astable Anter, we proudly launched our first boys-only class for ages 8-12 years in September 2016. Our overarching goal is to nurture stronger and confident young men who actively support their communities and the women within them. The program is structured around three main pillars: Character Development, Health and Nutrition, and Harassment Awareness. It runs on a weekly basis for nine months, divided into three levels.

Promoting Gender Equality: Empowering Boys for a Better Future

Our efforts aim to promote gender equality by equipping boys with essential life skills and a deep understanding of the importance of equal opportunities for all. Through character development activities, we foster empathy, respect, and cooperation, laying the foundation for a more inclusive society. By integrating health and nutrition education, we emphasize the importance of overall well-being and healthy lifestyles. Additionally, our program raises awareness about harassment, instilling a sense of accountability and fostering a culture of respect.

Positive Feedback: Boys Embrace the Program

Early reports from our first few classes indicate that the boys are immensely enjoying and engaging with the program. Their enthusiasm and participation in the activities reflect the positive impact and significance of our efforts. We are excited to share their progress with you as we continue this journey.


In conclusion, Heya Masr takes a remarkable step forward in promoting gender equality by including boys in their program. By focusing on character development, health and nutrition, and harassment awareness, we aim to empower boys and young men to become supportive allies for their communities. Together, we strive to create a society where gender equality is embraced and every individual, regardless of their gender, can thrive.


Sandra Narouz and Moody Demetry

Sandra Narouz and Moody Demetry


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